Sunday, May 16

Age before Beauty

Today I have to submit a blogpost about the Californian woman Hazel Soares that graduated from collage at the grand old age of 94.
Through SkyNews Twitter I could read "... in collecting her art history honours she had fulfilled a 78-year ambition." and "It's taken me quite a long time because I've had a busy life. I'm finally achieving it, and it makes me feel really good."
In 2007, Nola Ochs of Kansas became the world's oldest graduate when she received her honours from Fort Hays State University, aged 95.

That was Age. Now to Beauty.Rikke used her Oslo Dress yesterday when joining a Confirmation in her new family. Her beauty is not questionable. Tomorrow she will like thousands of other Norwegians wear similar costumes (me included). She took a break from her University ambitions after BSc in Psychology some years ago, has become a mother and wife and business leader, but looking at the grand old women above, there is always time for returning when she feels for it.

"The biggest thing that we can all learn is that we're never too old," said Regina Hungerford, Ms Soares' youngest child, and I copy that.

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Marie said...

Alt til si tid er det eit ord som seier :)

Fin jente er det iallefall :)

God 17.mai til deg og dine :)