Sunday, May 9

Family party - Christian´s Confirmation.

For an areligious person like me it was strange to sit in on the formal ceremony in Jeløy Church yesterday when Christian went through his Confirmation. I was more interested in Victor Sparre´s monumentale glass wall called «Livets tre» (Tree of Life) and express a huge figure of Christ. The work is from 1975 and is recognized as one of the artis´s magnum opus.

In Protestant Churches, the Confirmation rite tends to be seen rather as a mature statement of faith by a person already baptized. It is also required by most Protestant denominations for membership in the respective church, in particular for traditional Protestant faiths. In traditional Protestant faiths (Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Evangelical etc.) it is recognized by a coming of age ceremony.Christian (age 15) seen here in the beautiful weather at the balcony at home listening to a speech by his father´s mother Turid.
The sisters Turid and Tullen and all others had a nice time at the following family party. Great food and enough drinks.One of the guests was Viktor, and you can see that he has developed into a nice grown-up man since his first summer in 1981.


Anne said...

Nydleig gutt! og så vidt jeg nå forstår er hun en virkelig `gammeltante` Tullen??? ufattelig nok at det mennesket er bestemor spør du nå meg!! men godvær på den slik merkedag, ikke værst bare det gitt.

9na said...

Koselig! Nydelig glassmaleri og det ser ut som selskapet var preget av flotte mennesker også.