Thursday, May 13

Where are the women David and Nick?

One of 15 in David Cameron´s first Cabinet is a woman, Theresa May from the Conservative. Where are the Lib.Dem. Where are the British feminists voices. Trine Skei Grande, Venstre (Norway) has LibDem as her favorite party. Impressed with the share of female in the Cabinet? Improvements required NOW.

Update from SkyNews:

There are four women in the Cabinet - Theresa May, Caroline Spelman, Baroness Warsi and Cheryl Gillan.

As there are 25 men entitled to attend the meetings, the female members make up around 14% of the total.

But maybe the attitude represented by resigned Labour Leader Gordon Brown´s meeting with the oposite sex is more common that I previously thought. His "comments in the car" after saying "goodbye to the Queen" can be historical.The Youtube video can be watched and listen to here.


9na said...

I guess the women are home making dinner. Skrekkelig merkelig at de to (Clegg and Cameron) ikke er smarte nok til å skjønne at de må ha med noen damer. I'm shocked really.

Anne said...

Kjærringan e heim å vaske hus!! sætt i ei dei knåddå ellj to sekkert...