Saturday, May 22

Preparing for Midsummer Bonfire in Ålesund

Bonfires on Mid-summer has been a longstanding tradition in Ålesund. This year Slinningen bonfire builders want to get a new world record. They will try to beat the old record from 1993, when a competitive group of builders of Skjerva fire, reached 37,84 meters.

- This year we have prepared ourselves for a bonfire over 38 meters. we will be very happy if we succeed, said Nikolai Hovland and Ruben Barstad (bonfire managers) according to the NewsPaper Sunmørsposten

- If one is to achieve something, there is much that must be in place, said police officers Arild Helland and Eli Bente Skarbøvik. The most important thing now is Euro Pallets, not scrap pallets, a new floating dock to transport the material, a trailer or possibly a truck, a first aid case and climbing harnesses. If anyone can support the builders with any of these, it would be fantastic for the fire builders. The police is very concerned on safety.Just to show you the dimensions of the fundament, and the how the building process will progress in the coming month.
- We light the Bonfire on Friday 25 June. It has almost become a tradition for us the last few years to put the ignition to the nearest weekend, "said Hovland.


Feonacy Tyson said...

I suppose this info is completely unique.
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Shree Vella Photography said...

Wow! Thats quite a fire tower! Must have been fun to watch that burn!