Thursday, May 27

iPad, New RAV4 - or only a new Painting

Yesterday I posted a blog about the new iPad my daughter Trine (and her family members) started to use. Maybe I will get one here too when Apple decide to open the sales in Norway. I thought the promotion made by our Prime Minister during the Ash-problems would give us a better rating, but we are not on the primary distribution list for this summer.That´s why I start to evaluate the possibilities around using money on a new car instead. Toyota has presented the new RAV4 on show at Skøyen today, and why not use money to swap my 2005 RAV4 to this new delighted SUV.
Times will show. A visit to the shop and possible try the car may be included in this weekend plans.
However, in the meantime I have finished this painting, acrylic on canvas 54 x 70. Title?
The painting season 2010 (summertime) has started.


9na said...

Maybe you deserve a new car as well as an iPad, Arne. The pinting is interesting.

Anne said...

Ja takk!