Thursday, May 13

Salary levels for Prime Ministers

According to my information the Norwegian Prime Minister, Jens Stoltenberg is receiving an annual salary of 1.268.400 nok for leading our country of 4.86 mill people.The new Prime Minister in United Kingdom, David Cameron will receive a salary of 1.293.900 nok (£ 142.500) for leading the country of 62.04 mill people. He has decided to reduce the Cabinet Ministerial Pay with 5% compared to the Labour level.
In Norway the Prime Minister did not want to freeze his own salary during the financial crisis last year although he expected temperance from all others, but as you know Jens S. is also a Labour (Arbeiderpartiet / Social Democrats) minister.
The deficit in the UK during the year will reach 12% of GDP, while Norway will have a surplus of more than 7%. Wonder if we pensioners will get an increase this year.

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Anne said...

Skulle egentlig hatt mye mindre Jensegutten da?? er det det du mener?? vi er jo bare litt i overkant av 4 mill jo..., betaling pr. hode .-) kanskje vi skal gå for den du??