Thursday, November 25

The Philosophy of Software

My son-in-law David is out with hist last book The Philosophy of Software.
Probably not the first choice as Christmas gift to most book buyers in Norway, but if interested the book is now available at
This is David´s third book. The first was Libre Culture: Meditations on Free Culture, with Giles Moss, and in 2008 he launched Copy, Rip, Burn: The politics of Open Source.

Next year his book: Understanding Digital Humanities: The Computational Turn and New Technology. will be published, and in 2012: Coding Creativity: Invention, Innovation and Digital Media.

Congratulation David and Trine who has been proof-reading book texts month after month this year.
More about David can be found Here .


9na said...

Ooohhh *impressed* Litt av en svigersønn du har da!

Petunia said...

Det er lov å være misunnelig!!
Men jeg må jo få lov til å fortelle at min mor har nisser for salg faktisk! Bare til å kontakte henne pr mail
(nelly.hobby(a) eller skrive en kommentar på bloggen hennes.
Eller vi kan bytte???
Ett nissepar mot din svigersønn;)
Har en del ting som skulle vært ordnet her før jul og en mann som ligger strykeflat med prolaps/låst rygg:(