Friday, November 19

Staying home or searching for other environments

The pre-Christmas renovation of our 128 years old apartment is progressing.
The living room has gone through smaller repairs in stuccos and fireplace, and the 134 inches high walls are repainted white by professional handymen.
A new parquet (Oak Country Brown Woodloc) is covering the floor waiting for the Tabriz rug and Chesterfield furniture.
At the moment we are surfing the internet about cleaning and maintenance of parquets by wet or/and dry mopping.
The question is therefore how long we shall stay in this working place, or asap run out for a more relaxed environment at a restaurant or pub. The Christmas time has already been launched at "fru Burum´s" so we know where to go.
It´s Friday and week end start.

Sorry, all photos have been deleted

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9na said...

Ha en hyggelig lunsj på Fru Burums da! :) God fredag.