Wednesday, November 10

"There is a jungle out there"

We are in the beginning of the repainting process of our apartment. The ceilings and walls need to be renovated and the time before Christmas has been chosen. However, doing the 300 sqm of painted surface (with ceilings and stucco 340cm over the floor) is a job for professional craftsmen, and "there is a jungle out there" a friend told me when we asked for support in finding some that was trustworthy, efficient and cost-effective. We used his references and starts on Monday.That gave us some chalenges in moving heavy furniture and gathering plants from different parts of the rooms away from the working area. On the table in the dining room we have thus put a lot of large green plants, recalling some of the memories from our stay in Asia Pacific some years ago. The jungle har moved home.
The narrow path outside our apartment in Ardmore Park and down to our Gourmet Grocer - Jason´s is shown on this photo. No need for using the car if we had forgotten something for dinner. Walking among snakes and lizards with the jungle sound in our ears became a natural cause.
The Bukit Timah Rainforest was another unforgettable jungle memory. Bukit Timah is Singapore's oldest primary rainforest. The forest was never extensively cleared for cultivation and shelters a vast variety of plants. Bukit Timah was declared by Alfred Russel Wallace to be 'exceedingly productive'. Indeed, species new to science continue to be discovered here, even today!
We used the nature reserve for weekend walks and exercise like HHHS the Hash House Harriers, Singapore. The Monday 15th run will take plce at Pulau Ubin
Moving around in rain forests and playing in jungles became one of the maturing activities for our children, and here you see Rikke swinging in a liane.The Bukit Timah and Central Catchment nature reserves are home to more than 840 flowering plants and over 500 species of animals. These include towering trees, climbing palms (better known as rattans), ferns, orchids, gingers and strange blooms such as the Black or Bat lily. The forest is home to all kinds of animals. The most commonly encountered are the Long-tailed Macaques or monkeys.

The jungle on my dinner table has no animals or creeps.


Anne said...

Ja, der hvor ArneA ikke har vært du..., ja der er det jammen ikke vært å dra heller kan jeg tenke meg :-)
Var toppers å se bildene dine fra Barcelona igjen også, blir liksom litt mer å henge det på når en har vært der selv og sett med egne øyne.
På samme måte som Amalfi kysten det faktisk, nyta de bildene mer også etter å ha vært der. jungelen??? dit? hmmm... slanger og krypdyr, gusj... og aper!!! det er det nok av under dette tak, he he


9na said...

Huff og huff jeg tenkte litt på eksotiske dyr som slanger og sånt da jeg klatret i fjellet her i dag men så heldigvis ingen... Her på Kanariøyene er vel kanskje bare kakerlakker, har ikke sett noen enda i år for øvrig.