Monday, January 10

Broadband = Broadband or not

I have in the beginning of this year tried to learn more about services in Norway regarding IKT-communication speed, (Broadband,  Wireless network (WiFi), Routers, Airport base stations, etc.) .
The marketing data presented by various Internet service providers, through phone-lines, mobile network (3G, 4G) and through the digital cables by TV-suppliers, are sometimes difficult to understand and almost impossible to compare when it goes on performance / prizes for me.
Being an "ordinary" user (although started with EDP (now IT) in the late 60s), but with more than one laptop and several iPhones in the apartment, I must say that it is difficult to find out the perfect choice.

I started to use Internet in Singapore late 1994. When the Apple / Mac world arrived to my home in 2002 I quite soon discovered the Domino effect; Laptops, Digital cameras, Smart-phones, Extended range, Wireless printing, continuous upgrading and new models, etc.
The Apple AirPort Extreme Base Station helped a lot, and this week a new router delivered by my TV cable supplier (GET) improved my communication to Internet through my HD PVR-box.
The Norwegian (governmental decision) definition of Broadband is (my translation):
Wireless Broadband is defined as an access capacity in which the end user, wireless connected to a public mobile network or a public fixed network, gets access to datatransfer services with a perceived bit rate of at least 640 kbit / sec downstream and 128 kbit /sec upstream.
I am not a politician, but this definition must be a joke, and a way to define themselves out of troubles because they have promised everybody in the country "Broadband".

GET CEO Gunnar Evensen tells Broadband TV News that
The Norwegian Government has a stated goal that everyone in Norway should have access to super-broadband. Cable technology is the most important platform for ultra-broadband in Norway, and Get is able to deliver high-speed broadband to one million Norwegians.
In UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells BBC News that
the government had abandoned the plans of the former administration that promised 2 megabits per second broadband for all by 2012, he said: "It's silly to hang your hat on a speed like two meg when the game is changing the whole time.

He added: "What we've said is that just giving people two meg is not enough, what people use the internet for is changing the whole time."
I have the last years used a measured speed of 8Mb/s down and 0.6 Mb/s up. Now I have through GET tripled the performance. at almost the same prize. Will you follow?
I am not paid for this recommendation. At least not for the time being.


RuneE said...

I hav 15 MB both ways, and can get 100 Mb both ways for a small outlay :-)

Anne said...

Ble så opphengt i katedralen på Hamar jeg faktisk at det var vanskelig å konsenterer seg om denne teksten, sorry for den Arne. Nytt forsøk i morgen.

Men du som jeg fikk lyst til hamar da gitt, vandre blant ruinene der med kamera. Har jo slett flere bilder derfra og bare vet det er toppers. Klart har en vært på Hamar, men det har bare vært sånn overnating etter sen fly landing på Gardermoen osv osv, liksom ikke vært turist der, og det er sikkert litt synd det.

Nytt vakkert header bilde har du også fårr, utsikt hjemmefra sikkert, den nydeligste himmel er å se. Flott!

Klæm fra mæ

GundaM said...

God helg ArneA ;)

Her blogges det mens man venter på pinnekjøttet skal bli klart!