Saturday, January 8

A glimpse of light

In the everlasting snowfall a day of hope for lighter times could be experienced yesterday. The temperatur raised closer to zero and the newly maintained ski-tracks became a challenge for Tullen. When I went to the treadmill at SATS she took the 11km return trip to Ullevålseter.
The skiing season has started.
At Hamar my friend Asbjørn went for a walk visiting the Cathedral ruins from the mid 1150s. The Cathedral was completed about the time of Bishop Paul (1232-52). From his new iPhone 4 Asbjørn sent me this photo of the remains of the Cathedral destroyed by the Swedes in 1567 (today covered by steel and glass).
Although the season eatings mostly is over and the weight control improved, a Baccalao dinner (Klippfisk the Lutefisk way) is not inappropriate.The only change from Christmas is the Austrian Riesling instead of beer and Aquavit.
Have a nice weekend.


9na said...

Høres ut som en fin dag med skitur / trening + fiskemiddag.... Fus for sofaen for middagslur!

Samual said...

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