Thursday, January 6

High media focus on Body weight and Electricity prizes

It is January. Media from glossy pages in the Colored Press to politicians in TV-debates are concerned about two annual recurring themes; Weight loosing and Higher prizes on Electrical power.
Lots of Norwegians have declared their New Year resolution about getting rid of the Christmas weight addition. This commitment that an individual makes to a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit, and achieve a lifestyle change, is generally interpreted as advantageous. I am already improving my body the first week in 2011, but copying the photo above (by Oddleiv Apneseth) seems to be impossible in 2011.
The other high-profiled topic is the cold winter and unexpected increase in use of electrical power to heat our apartments. The average households are expecting a disturbing high bill within a few days. According to the preliminary calculations based upon the consumption in our apartment, (same volume as last year) the invoice will not create any shocking trauma for us, but this bill must be paid together with all the others in the aftermath of Christmas spendings. It´s hard to be a Nissemann, if you want to follow Shirley Bassey in her video Big Spender.


9na said...

The same procedure as last year, and same procedure as any year, Arne. Både når det gjelder slanking og strømpriser. Og snømengde.

Anne said...


God helg kjekken.

Anne said...

Shirley Bassey..., trøstes min :-0 glidd rett inn i The Grat Garlic Girls dama på video`n der.

Anonymous said...

wow ....

God helg!