Monday, January 31

TV2-serie about Organ Transplantation

Norwegian TV2 has started a new Fakta-serie about Organ transplantation.
In the first program we met Rune and Sigrid who had their life on wait until a donor could help Rune with a kidney and Sigrid with new lungs. In the program this week (Wednesday 9:40 pm) we will according to rumors at Rikshospitalet, experience a heart transplantation.
The tx-cor-nurses Ingelin and Eva Kristine in their office today may be part of the program. All of us heart transplantees have a relation to these professional nurses, and for me in particular Ingelin was my most important support during my 12 months on the waiting list. She has also been there if I have needed any help, during the almost 13 years since my combined Heart and Kidney transplantation in 1998.
If possible try to follow the interesting programs, and download the donorcard as an app asap.Read also about Troels who received new Heart, Lungs and Liver, and became a donor himself when donating his own old and well funtion heart to another sick person.

More Organdonation YouTube Videos can be found here.


RuneE said...

Jeg kan ve skrive under på det meste her :-)

RuneE said...

Takk for kommentaren :-) Det er vel snart tid for kontroll av vel utført arbeid for oss begge ...