Wednesday, January 26

You, me and over 2 billion more

In Norwegian media today we could learn that we now are more than 2 billion Internet users in the world.
I looked up the figures in the Worldometers real time and found the following statistics around 8pm ect.:
It was also clear that my blogpost would be only one out of half a million today.
From the same website I saw that the World population now has passed 6.900 millions with almost 10 millions newborn children since NewYear.
The population Milestones shown below can give us some thoughts and reflections, and perhaps one understanding of the migration wave we presently experience around the world.


Anne said...

Blir nesten helt paranoid av alle disse tall jeg Arne, og en undrer en stund hva søtan det er en bruker sin tid på...

Matthew Benns said...

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