Sunday, January 16

Donorcard as App and a foggy grey Sunday

An Interesting and maybe a "Must App" is available on iTunes store for iPhone and Android Market for Androids. You can read more by visiting Apphuset
UPDATE Monday moring:
See also this article from VG.NO about Camilla´s organs that saved four lives. Great!

Outside my windows the fog is giving a grey Sunday morning.
Yesterday Bygdø Allé also was grey and dark when we went for an afternoon walk and a glass of wine at fru Burums. In the evening we played cards with friends at home and as The Evening Winner (and 2010 champion) I can confirm that I went to bed with a satisfying smile.

Now you too have the possibility to confirm your commitment to Organ Donation and, if the sun is shining where you are, be happy for the more than 6 hours daylight this Sunday

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9na said...

Sånn, har app-en på iPhonen nå. Fint :)