Wednesday, May 21

ABC Wednesday - R

The preparation for this week ABC Wednesday made me think about at least four possible words starting with R:
R is for Room, Roof, Recommendation and Restaurants at Rue de Bouchers

In a way all these words was linked together as I normally take photos of the view from my hotel Rooms and many times the window is higher than the Roofs below. Sometimes places I have visited when staying at these hotels, are on my Recommendation list like Rue de Bouchers in Brussel.With the atmospheric charm and the cuisine, Rue de Boucher is a walking thoroughfare abounding with 17th century stepped gables, decorated doorways, cafes and restaurants with lavish pavement displays of seafood, piled high on mounds of ice. It is often called a "tourist trap" in regards to menu prices and quality of food, but I liked the atmosphere and will Recommend you to go there.
The Restaurant painting above I made out of my visit there in 2006.
The original display of seafood in front of the Restaurants looks like this.Some of you have of course seen the movie "Room with a view" from 1985 with Maggy Smith as the chaperone in Florence. The view from my hotelroom in Brussel was these Roofs:From the hotel Rooms in Kuala Lumpur and Shanghai I shot these photos of the Roofs below:I also Recommend you to visit the spectacular Roof at the new Oriente Railroad Station in Lisbon. The Oriente station is an inter-modal terminal: Its facilities serve and interconnect several forms of transport. Passengers can change between metropolitan, long- and medium-haul regional and international trains. There are connections into the underground system, national and metropolitan buses or taxis. There is also an airport link and check-in facilities.Other fabulous and Recommended Roofs are the Trulli in Alberobello, Italy, the Dome at the Cinema Colosseum and the Pave Roof on the New Opera House in Oslo, Norway.

The Roofs at the Restaurant area Boat Quay in Singapore and the City Hall in Sintra, Portugal are also places to visit:

When I climb up in towers and hills on my journeys, I find motives like the Roofs in Tavira, Algarve, Southern Portugal, and like the medieval Moorish part of Granada, Spain like Albayzin.
The Roofs of houses seen from the city mountain in Ålesund, Norway, and at my own summer Residential area, just Require to be presented with photos in this blogpost

Many of these places is on the list of World Heritage sites and if you want to see more photos based upon the letter R, visit MrsNesbitts Place.
But before you leave, join us at the ground in front of the Berlaymont building which houses the European Commission Headquarter in Brussel.

R is also for the Representative Refinement of my wife.


Texas Travelers said...

This has to be the best R post of the day.
It shows a lot of work.

I really like your painting.

Come visit our R's.

John said...

Dette var en excellent R post Arne!
Meget flotte bilder med mange fine perspektiver.
Trow of the dice, six!

R&J said...

That, I have no proper words.
Boy, you do get around, don't you? I think much more than us;)
And you can paint.
And you take great photos and you can put all together with a well-prepaired plan.
BTW, those Trulli roofs I saved from Weather Underground collection - I almost did not beleive, that they are existing. Now I beleive...

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Himmel for noen vakre bilder du har tatt. Og for å ikke snakke om maleriet ditt. Bedre enn det tror jeg ikke vi finner på denne R-runden vår. Du er en meget dyktig maler. Det må jeg få lov til å si.

Ellers har du vært meget kreativ med dine R'er. For en flott samling av tak! Så mange forskjellige tak at jeg ble helt satt ut her en stund. Skikkelig morro å studere dem:)

Og din fru er en megen god representant for R:)

Ha en hærlig uke, Arne:)

Picturing of Life said... have lots of R shots :D All great shots

Will you visit mine Thanks

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hello Arnea, Your wife is pretty ian d I like all of your post its a lot of work I can tell that.
Happy ABC greetings from JoAnn (holland)

Gary said...

Rue, roofs and refinement. A very respectable rendition.

Great post.


RuneE said...

If I have got you Right: You Recommend that we live in Refined Rooms with view of the Roofs of fine Restaurants in a Rue something somewhere around the world?

A very well Rendered post!

Anemone said...

Jøjje meg... dette tok en halvtime å gå igjennom, men du og du det var verd det :-)

Fin fin dag til deg.

AnnetteK said...

Så utrolig masse flotte bilder. Godt utført!!

Ida said...

Du overgår deg selv her!
Fantastisk flott R post!
Topp karakter fra meg.
Til glede for alle oss andre.
Bra jobba Arne! :)

Min R finner du her

Ackworth Born said...

roofs around the world are really very interesting indeed.

what a fine looking wife you have

PS my reflection is actually in the teaPOT - also reflected are as you spotted the TV remote but that is a MUG not a POT.

Thanks for the rememberance of Boat Quay which I recognise.

Ida said...

Rhododendron finnes i mange farger. Rosa, som du skrev. Hvit, lilla, gul, rød, oransje osv. osv.
Hvis du noen gang skal plante en (rosa kanskje), så anbefaler jeg deg Rhododendron "Fantastica". Den er VAKKER!

Dirty Knees said...

Love your collection of roofs, Arne1

Liz said...

You have been to so many places! Wonderful.

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Mange flotte valg til dagens bokstav. Liker alle takene, det tenkte ikke jeg på. Har et bilde som hadde passet til det ordet.

ha en fin abc onsdag.

Kjerstis Hjørne said...

Ps: Tenkte å ta med et bilde av Red Sox, men er ikke sports fan, så jeg orka ikke.. men Røde sokker det er bra!

Daryl said...

You have quite the collection of Rooftops .. and as always your lovely wife!


mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! What a selection! The seafood looked so wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hvor er RIkshospitalet?
Ellers mye flott og bra. Interessant!

Paulie said...

Enjoyed your roofline tours. I missed the one of your wife because it would not open for me but I know from other entries she is a beautiful lady.

leslie said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post today and looking at your R photos. :D

nonizamboni said...

So many great views! A really enjoyable post for 'r' and your painting and the photo of your wife top the list.
Thanks for sharing.

andrée said...

I love this post. I love the Brussels roofs most of all. And you paint so beautifully! I am amazed at all of your talents.

Katney said...

Thinking back, I could post any number of roof photos from years. Despite a fear of heights, I always climbed high places. Perhaps I wasmore fascinated by the roofs thatn I thought. That fear of heights has ease over the years.

Louis la Vache said...

Excellent choices for R Wednesday!

There is also a rue des Bouchers, "Street of the Butchers", in Paris in the 1 ère arrondissement near Forum des Halles, which is the site of the old public market in Paris. Many of the streets surrounding Les Halles reflect their origin connected to feeding Paris. "Louis" suspects that rue des Bouchers in Bruxelles reflects the same heritage.