Thursday, May 29

More than 10.000 visitors in 4 months

17 weeks ago, on thursday Jan 31. I decided to swap from Norwegian to English text in my blog. I made the conclusion that if I wanted to communicate with the world, I had to write in a language that is more common to the world than my mother tongue. During this 4 months I have had an increase of 25% or 10000 visitors. My blog has been active since March 21 2005.The weather conditions have also changed during these four monthsThere will always be a question if it is the topic you cover that makes other bloggers visit your site, if it is your participation in memes like ABS Wednesday, Odd Shots Mondays or i.e Sky watch Fridays or if some other bloggers refer to you in their own postings.
The use of Mr. Linky gives us a unique opportunity to get visitors, with or without commenting, and the importance of being part of a blogroll cannot be underestimated. And you need to visit others to be visited.
You need to be known.

That takes time. May be these tips from Ianiv Schweber and Arieanna Foley may help you if you want to increase your blogging trafic:
-Write 25-40% original content. For some blogs this will mean reading news feeds, as well as other blogs, to catch news first. You can also consider non-RSS content research to find items or to connect the dots between topics.

-Use pictures. They draw the eye. Look on Flickr or Google Images. Take what is Creative Commons, but be liberal with your link of thanks. Ask when unsure.

-Know your area bloggers and link to them. Make sure to comment too.

-Send emails to big blogs in your area. Pitch a story, write something interesting about your blog, and make that link prominent.

-Break up paragraphs and use text effects - bolding, underline, etc.

-Use comments to start new threads.
At Squidoo you can see Things I wish I knew when I started blogging, and especially What they didn't tell you about blogging...

1. It's easy to start but hard to maintain.

2. People expect consistently good content or quality readers walk away.

3. You can't be famous just by blogging.

4. You can't get rich blogging.

5. You can extend your brand via the blog but you can't build a brand by blogging.

6. Blogging is an addiction and sometimes it can be serious.

7. If you want to succeed, you HAVE to start making others succeed.

8. You don't climb up by pulling down other people.

9. It takes time to produce "Timeless Content." But "timeless content" produces results (traffic included) in the long run

10. Traffic is important but "Quality" traffic is more important

The next 40 "didn¨t tell" can be found through the Squido link together with even more interesting matters.

At this time of the year I would normally move into a TV and Internet Free Zone. May be that will be changed this summer, but until you hear from me again:
Have a wonderful Summer.
(and do not forget me)


Ackworth Born said...

I think I pretty much agree with most of that - at busy times the only blogs I visit are those that visit me although I'm always trying to widen the circle a bit.
The addiction bit is true though and you need to find ways of taking the occasional break.

Anonymous said...

Noe jeg har opplevd den senere tid, som gir økt aktivitet, er å bruke ord som er aktuelle søkeord denne dagen.

Du får nyte sommeren på Tullarbo. Og jeg vil stadig vekk se etter livstegn her på bloggen fra deg.

Anemone said...

Åå... er det sant ??? Har du ingen internett forbindelse på Tullarbo ??? Fatter ikke hvordan dette skal gÅ!! ARNE... du savnes allerede du !!

Og jeg, jeg kommer til å skjekke her hver enedte dag uansett :-)

Men strålende og flott sommer og tur ønskes dere begge to. Nyt livet og hverandre.

Tårevåt kraftig klem fra Anne

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Ha en hyggelig tid på Tullarbo;) Kommer helt sikkert til å savne kommentarene dine. Men jeg stikker innom av og til og ser etter nye ting fra deg. Kanskje du kommer over en pc og nett en dag;)

Ha en hærlig sommer og kos dere godt:)

Klem fra Pernille

Katney said...

When I started my blog I did not care if anyone saw it or not. Then Paulie found it and after a while she talked me into doing Photo Hunt. I still sort of don't care if anyone comes, but I will wonder why if my sitemeter shows no visitors.

Ida said...

Du blir ikke glemt, skal du vite. :)
Gratulerer med øket besøksantall etter forandringene.
Noen "knep" skal og kan man jo som kjent bruke. ;)
I likhet med Katney over her, så startet jeg å blogge kun for min egen del. Men, jeg skal hilse og si at det er blitt mye mer og større enn det jeg hadde tenkt i utgangspunktet.....!

Ida said...

Og du, det er morsomt å lese på FEEDJIT, hvor leserene kommer fra og hva de søker på.
Enkelte søker på det samme - gang på gang. Ett enkelt bilde eller en musikk video....