Sunday, May 25

Solvang Pictures

Home after a working day at our Summer Residence. Flowers planted at the balcony and in the flower bed. Last clean-up and preparing for sleeping-over and watching the fruits growing.
The blossom comes from:
Apple three James Grieves Origin: Scotland from 1890 but in our garden since mid last century. Medium to large, conical fruit. Size medium, round conical slightly ribbed shape. Almost solid crimson over yellow. Savoury, juicy yellowish flesh. Crisp yet melting.Red Current will give us ab. 40 kg berry.Blackcurrant which normally only is for eating direct from the bush.And in the air, a veteran aircraft (LN-WND Dakota Norway Sandefiord Norway) flying just over our heads:


Ida said...

Vakkert. Mye godt for ganen her utover sommeren og høsten.

Dragonstar said...

Perfect photo of the old Dakota.