Thursday, May 22

I have also been younger - years ago

Lately some of the bloggers I visit daily have presented old pictures of themselves or their parents, grandparents etc. Due to the fact that I got my new scanner CanScan 4400F this week, I am also able to present old memories from Ålesund.
Here you see photos of my grandparents
(father side) Peder Kristian (1880-1961) and Jetta Jacobine (1878-1975) are probably from 1949 and
(mother side) Sevrin (1886-1960) and Sofie (1892-1967) taken about 10 years later.
But photos of me and my mother and me and my sister taken early 1950s are also interesting images. You can easily se the post-war clothing in the first, and the National Costume on my sister (from 1951) we still have in the wardrobe. Rikke was the latest user and now we wait for Helene to fit into the Bunad from Sunnmøre.Around eleven I joined the shoolband (Nørveguttene) playing the Trombone for more than five years,
whereafter I started with sport (Rowing) together with Anton, Even and Åke, and took my GCSE before leaving Ålesund and settled in Oslo.

The last photo is of me and Asbjørn on the "Russetur" to Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg in 1966.


RuneE said...

Gratulerer med ny scanner! Jeg ser at den allerede har gjort god nytte for seg.

Det må ha vært litt av en russetur.

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" enjoys seeing these old photos! Thank you for posting these glimpses of your past!

San Francisco Bay Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Kjenner det litt igjen på russebildet. Takk for at du delte disse bildene du har gitt nytt livvedå digitalisere dem.

Dick said...

I like these old photos very much, nice post.

HildeS. said...

Hei hei.
Så utruleg koselege bilete.
Det av deg og mamma di, og du og søster var veldig vakre.
Kjekt å ha gamle bilete av familie,men det har eg altfor lite av. Dei eg har er gull verdt:)
Ha ei fin helg.

ANNA-LYS said...

Ohh I wished I had any photo of the past time, but I lost it all in my house-fire. Photos is like an extern memory bank - and I am lost!

Guess, that explains why I mostly live in the present and the future to come.