Monday, May 26

Tuesday facts - Mobile phone development

Yesterday I showed you one of the gaps we have noticed between today and the past regarding Data Storage and Memory Capacity within computers. I was active on Internet when staying in Singapore in 1994, but my first mobile phone I acquired four years later in 1998.

Before that I used in my car for a short time in 1983/4 one of my employers Ericsson NMT Radio SystemThe real market development of mobile phones started in 1984 when Motorola presented their "Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage Unit"DynaTAC8000X.
From then on we have all been in the middle of the Mobile (Cell) Phone development. This evolution can be watched on this YouTube Video.

My mother-in-law died two years ago at an age of more than 100. I often think of the changes she had lived through, but the volume of changes we have to adopt today must be even more difficult to understand for those coming after us.
Yesterday NASA's Mars Phoenix Lander had a successful touch down at the planet Mars. Will my grandchildren think of that as odd when their next door friends are planning their summer vacation at the Moon?

If some of you feels that we are left behind in this rapid changing world, relax a few moments with the photo of my neighbors Falcon-Knight Six (2 doors) from 1927. It is only 80 years ago this "wife"-car became a sensation.


RuneE said...

Den bilen må du få låne på neste Vestlandstur! Vi har en del veier der den virkelig kan få prøve seg.

Et skikkelig klenodium.

Deslilas said...

Stereo views are quite good. I 've bought some about the French Alpes between 1920 and 1930. The 3 D is impressive.