Sunday, May 25

Odd Shots Monday - Magnetic Tapes

Some of us have lived some years.
Forty years ago I joined the pioneers in the Development of Data Processing in Norway after being employed by the Norwegian Ship Classification Institution DNV - Det norske Veritas. My career has given me a lot. Personal and professional (and total kidney and heart failure).
But the almost twenty years within Human Resources, Leadership and Management, as a continuation of more than ten years of development within IT or EDP (as we called it in late 60s) have been fantastic years. I never would have been without.

These Monday Odd Shots was taken during that period when data storage, short term and long term, was saved on Magnetic Tape Data StoragesFor many of you using todays laptop computers, the web, e-mailing, photo manipulation and databases called servers, these volumes of sequential data storage may perhaps be a little odd.
When I started with EDP we used Punched Cards as the medium for input of programs and data. The computer IBM 360/20 had 128Kb memory (K = 1000) while my present MacBook Pro has 2Gb internal memory (G = 1 000 000 000).
However, I will save you for more of the historical details and only which you all the best for the week after you have visited Kathney for her and all others Monday Odd Shots


Katney said...

You have quite a history in the computing world. I showed my technology students pictures of those computers which would fill a room. Where will it all lead?

RuneE said...

Hvis dette er selvportrett, så passet jo det bra som en skikkelig '68-er!

dot said...

I couldn't help but notice his hair and side burns. Must be from the 70's.
Interesting odd shot. Mine is HERE

Anonymous said...

The oddness is in the changes... I looked into getting a wordprocessor in 1979 but I wouldn't get it into the house let alone pay for it.

Blue said...

To young eyes truly odd.
To mine a piece of history & a reminder of how things have moved on.

Paulie said...

I remember punched cards -- had a friend who did that type of work when I was 19. I got my first computer (Apple of course) in 1996, On my 4th one now.

Ida said...

Verden går fremover, på flere måter. ;)
Jeg er bare en bruker.... Forstår lite av alt det tekniske som ligger bak... ;)

mrsnesbitt said...

Technology has certainly moved on.....sometimes leaving some of us behind! LOL!

Dragonstar said...

Things change so much, and so quickly, particularly in the world of technology. Excellent Odd Shots.

John said...

Fint nostalgisk innlegg for odd shots Arne.
Dette var nok før min tid, jeg har bare erfaring med tape streamere.

Min første pc var en IBM med intel 8088 prosessor, 256kb minne og to
5 1/4" floppy disker. :-)

Carver said...

Interesting post and something of a trip down memory lane for me. I remember as a child visiting IBM on a school field trip near where I lived. The computers were enormous and we were shown those punch cards. We didn't have computers when I was in college.

starnitesky said...

Size has changed a lot, I remember when computers filled a room, I also remember punched cards.

Anemone said...

Utviklingen på dette tekniske er helt underlig, og har jammen ta meg gått i en rasende fart !!

Husker svart/hvitt tv jeg også da, og når telefonen bare skulle brukes til å gi korte beskjeder :-)

En sodig utfordring ligger til deg på siden min, måtte jo sende den vider til noen .-)


Deslilas said...

Fine post.
I learn to program as a kid on an IBM 1620 the first computer we got in our "engineer school" Arts et Métiers de Châlons sur Marne in 1964.