Monday, May 19

Odd Shot Monday - Worm´s Head and The Norse Dragon

A different Monday odd shot this week. At the Gower Peninsula South West Wales one of the old landmarks is Worm´s Head. This small island connected to the peninsula when the tide is withdrawn and you may visit the spectacular place for about five hours, until the coast guard give alarm and you have to hurry back, has got its name from the Norse Vikings 1000 years ago.
Most of Wales have origins from Kelts, but Gower was a place where the seaborne Norsemen or Vikings settled down and mingled with local people. The "Orms Hode" as Worm´s Head is meant in Norwegian was a natural navigation point for the people entering Bristol Channel from their possessions in Dublin Irland.
(Swansea has according to local people also a meaning from the Norse as "Sven´s Øye" or the Eye of Sven).
Some would say that this photo or text is not odd at all, but that is only until you look at the other photo. Here you (I hope) can see the worm, snake or Dragon crawling up from the beach and rule the Gower peninsula.
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Anonymous said...

I think I see it! :-)

Thanx for this very interesting post! This is another world to me who is living very very far away!

Ida said...

Odd eller ikke...
Flotte bilder av vakker natur!

RuneE said...

Obviously well worth visiting.

PS Takk for komplimenten, men avstanden fra parkeringsplassen og opp på fortet er ikke mer enn i underkanten av 3 km. Når det gjelder skruen du hadde er det tre muligheter slik jeg kan se:
1 Den opplagte - at du har glemt et sted.
2. Du har fått en for mye (noen leverandører gjør det).
3. Den er din egen... ;-)

Ha en bra dag!

andrée said...

What a gorgeous place! I love the ancient history and ancient mountains. I wish I could visit there. When the tide comes in and they tell me to leave, I think I would stay.

dot said...

I would leave at first warning from the coast guard since I'm a fraidy cat! The second photo is very beautiful when enlarged.

R&J said...

Very interesting to me norwegian husband has told about vikings a lot, but other thing is too see the pictures.


JC said...

Beautiful shots... terrific story, too!

John said...

Flotte bilder med god informasjon!

Katney said...

Thank you for the history. And if you do not return when the Coast Guard warning goes out, how long are you stuck on the island? These kinds of places have their own special oddity, in the look, yes, but also in the special requirements of the place.

imac said...

Looks inviting .

Pop and see my R post.

Ida said...

Hvor er R`en din?!?!?!?!? ;)