Tuesday, June 3

ABC Wednesday - T

19 years ago The People’s Liberation Army of China brutally crushed pro-democracy supporters, killing hundreds of supporters, injuring another 10,000, and arresting hundreds of students and workers when performing the violent end of the Tiananmen Square Protest 1989.
One of the Historic moments of the world was filmed during the protest between April 15 and June 4 1989.
See once more the video of the Unknown Rebel´s brave attempt to stop the tanks during this protest.

T is for Tiananmen Square Protest 1998 and the Tank Man

However, the main topic for this ABC Wednesday (posted tuesday as Mrs Neisbits Linky is up) and the letter T is a tribute to my dear wife.

T is for Tullen

I start this presentation after I got my first Digital Camera at Christmas 2002
Next photo is from Verona, Italy where we saw a fantastic AIDA summer 2003
Visiting Hamburg, Germany on the way back to Oslo
In spring 2004 we made one of our traditional trips to Copenhagen, Denmark
and visited Dublin, Ireland in June / July
In the summer 2004 our first grandchild Helene visited Norway.
and our daughter Trine celebrated her marriage at Solvang
Spring 2005 we made a visit to Vienna, Austria.
and stayed part of the summer holiday in Odense, Denmark
New Year eve 2005/2006
At Tullarbo early summer 2006
and this year Nordic long-weekend was to Stockholm, Sweden and Berns
The two week holiday to southern Italy and Puglia in 2006 included a stopover at Taranto
The "julebord" in November at Dr.Holms at Geilo, Norway can be recomended
Tullen´s 60 years birthday in 2007 was celebrated with two weeks return to Asia
while the Oslo summer at EkebergRestauranten can be recommended.
In October 2007 we had our autumn holiday in south Spain, and this photo is taken at Puerto Banus.
Cheers to this summer and I promise to continue to shoot photos of my wife.


RuneE said...

En svært ventet og meget vellykket T!

PS og jeg som trodde at du ikke ville poste før onsdag! Kanskje det bør skifte til ABC Tuesday?

Vet ikke selv om jeg deltar.

Ackworth Born said...

Hello Arne

Tuesday is a bridge between Monday and Wednesday is it not?

I came to view your bridge post (having had no time to do so yesterday) and read here that Mrs Nesbitt's linky is up already so I went there before returning to view the portfolio of your lovely wife.

An British TV ad includes the words "Bridge that gap with a Cadbury's snack" so I had a cup of tea and an apple-bake biscuit (in lieu of the CS) before returning here.

I'm leaving you with a link to a poem by Paul McDonald about Tianamen Square which I originally published in 1999.


Gary said...

The link to the student protesting in front of the tank is still depressing to watch - I've heard all sorts of rumours as to what happened to him, poor lad.

This is a 'Beauty and the Beast' posting - the beauty of your wife against the beast of Chinese military oppression.


Anonymous said...

ÅH, vilken vacker hustru du har, jag förstår att du tar många foton på henne.
Ja, visst var det en hemsk händelse att så många blev oskyldigt arresterade i Kina? Det är ju inte så länge sedan. Hoppas att Kina öppnar sig mer för omvärlden framöver.
Fina foton som vanligt....

Petunia said...

Du har virkelig en fortryllende kone!
Bra T innlegg og hils din konen din med et veldig koselig (kalle?)navn:)
Min mann kaller meg Pjusken og det finner ikke jeg det minste sjarmerende:P

ellen b said...

What a great post for T and what a nice tribute to your lovely wife.

Picturing of Life said...

wonderful T post. Hope one day i can visit Tiananmen also :D

My T post in here Thanks

leslie said...

I remember that terrible time in Tienamin (sp?).

I can sure tell how much you love your wife and she certainly does smile for you! You are both very lucky to have each other. Many happy years to come together, I pray.

Pernille's ting og tang said...

For en fantastisk hyllest til din kjære. Henne kan du være stolt over. Hun ser da fortryllende ut og har sååååå snille øyner. Og så mange flott plasser og koselig turer dere har vært på:)

Ellers så syns jeg at din første T er veldig viktig. Det kan ikke gå i glemmeboka. Og jeg ser virkelig opp til deg for at du la dette inn i dag. Flott gjort, Arne.

Absolutly fantastic T's from you to day! Well done!

Texas Travelers said...

Smart man. Wise choice to post tribute photos of the wife.

The Tide has Turned in Texas.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Neva said...

What a lovely TRIBUTE to your beautiful wife....lucky you!
ine is up here and here.

Paulie said...

Glad I am running late . . . I see two posts about T and they both look like I get to see more photos of your beautiful wife!