Wednesday, June 4

T is for Tullen - part 2

Although I posted my ABC Wednesday on T yesterday, I see no excuse in not continuing to do so this on the real ABC Wednesday for T.

T is for Tullen

After the last 4 month of blogging in different Memes, my wife made the comment that she almost never appeared on our photos anymore. That´s why I does all the photos of her this week. Yesterday from 2002 till date, and today from our return from Asia Pacific 12 years ago in 1996 till 2002.
Today photos are scanned from paper prints. The one on top was taken at Christmas 1996, and the next in Rome, Italy six month after our struggle during my Combined Hearth and Kidney transplantation in 1998.
During summer 1999 we joined a group of people from Ålesund and Sunmøre on an evening voyage with D/S Børøysund to the inner fjord of Oslo
Prior to that we visited Amsterdam´s Flower Market on the way to see the BA graduation of Trine in England
In 2000 we arranged the Sport games for Heart / Lung Transplanted at Sandefjord, Norway.
and had a great time at the end of the year in front of our kitchen fireplace at home.
Early 2001 we visited the painter Terje Fagermo at his Studio in Ålesund. He is as I have blogged about earlier one of our most recognized painters.
Barcelona and Park Guell made by Antoni Gaudi was on the travelling list that year, and I will highly recommend the Miro museum in this fantastic city.
If you did not know, Here is the model for Edward Munch´s painting the Schream
Autumn 2001 at Bjorli, Norway with beautiful colors in the Norwegian Mountains
Early summer 2002 we went to Cote D´Azur and Eze Village.
and also had a walk on the Croisette during the Cannes Film Festival in May
In August 2002 we celebrated a combined 50 + anniversary with 55 friends including our two beautiful daughters. Tullen in her dress from Cannes.
That concludes this week ABC Wednesday.


RuneE said...

Nå kan du i alle fall si at du har gjort opp for deg... ;-)

Blue said...

What a lovely photographic tribute to your pretty wife.
The perfect personal T.

Anemone said...

Nei men se... en hel meter med din kjære Tullen. Så flott da Arne, en hyllest til din vakre kone, som også vi nå føler at vi kjenner litt. I alle fall via bilder, og det er nå engang slik at når man ser et ansikt mange nok ganger, så tror man at man kjenner vedkommende.

Men hennes skrik, var nok bedre nn mitt !!

Flott dag til dere i skyggen. og hils nå endelig din fru fra trøndelagen :-)

reader Wil said...

You made a real tribute to your beautiful wife. You travel a lot around the world. So T for travelling. Come and visit my blog , for I wrote about your country from another view. By the way: I love Norway, I have been in many countries like New Zealand, Australia and all over Europe, but Norway is the best.

HildeS. said...

You are a lucky man with a beautiful wife and daugthers.
And I think they are lucky too, with you I mean:)
Have a beautiful day Arne.

imac said...

Must say - your wife is a beautiful lady.
Great photos and great post.

come visit my Tree House.

Sharon said...

What a nice photo story of your wife. She is beautiful as are your daughters.

Pernille's ting og tang said...

Flotte bilder av en flott fru og døtre. Du er en heldig mann!

Forskjellen på agility og lydighet er at på agility, er at på agility skal hunden over forskjellige hinder fortest mulig. Hinder som er små og store som hunden skal hoppe over eller springe over, tuneller og slalom (små pinner som står i en rett linje og hunden skal springe mellom dem som slalom). Og i tillegg en vippe som hunden skal springe oppå, stoppe på midten til vippen lander på den andre siden og så springe ned av den. Litt kronglete å forklare. Men alt skal skje så fort som mulig. Da det går på tid. Men det er klart at hunden må være litt lydig da hunden ikke kan være i band under konkuranser.

Lydig het går på at hunden skal sitte på sin plass og lyde forskjellige kommandoer jeg gir den fra plassen der jeg står. Det går mest ut på sitt, dekk, kom, apport. Hunden skal også da gå ved foten eller gjøre de kommandoene jeg sier i det sekundet jeg sier det. Ingen rom for nøling.

Men vi er bare på nybegynnerstadiet og tar det hele med ro. Mest for at hunder trenger trening og for at hunden syns det er skøy. Blir nok ingen elitepar av oss dette året:)

Om du lurer på noe mere eller at jeg er litt uklar i div beskrivelse, så må du bare spørre på nytt. Bare artig det:)

Ha en flott dag:)

Og hils så mye til din fortryllende fru:)

~tanty~ said...

What a lovely tribute to your lovely wife. She must be very happy.
And your daughters are gorgeous.
Greetings from Stavanger :)

babooshka said...

Absoulutley beautiful tribute to a beautiful your beautiful lady wife.

Louis la Vache said...

What a fine tribute to your wife! May you have many happy years together.

Paulie said...

Being late for visiting ABC participants can be a blessing. (I posted below also.) I got to see double the pleasure --many of your wife and daughters. You are truly blessed to have them and be able to travel so much!

Come and see my T.

reader Wil said...

I think your finance minister must be a friend of ours! Or are they both bewitched by G.G? Mange tak for besøk!

Ida said...

T for Tullen- selvfølgelig.
Fine, morsomme og koselige bilder.

Granny Smith said...

Lovely phhotos of a beautiful woman and of an interesting life!

mrsnesbitt said...

A wonderful tribute to a lovely lady!
Loved the dress from Cannes!