Tuesday, June 10

Tuesday Facts - Møre og Romsdal

I have not got a penny to bring you this advertisement, but sometimes I just feel you need to be professional informed about one of the most beautiful parts of Norway, Møre og Romsdal. (Click on the link)
This time I am not only promoting Ålesund and Sunnmøre but bring you my own photo of Hustadvika and Atlanterhavsveien:Fishing in the stream may be dangerous
The bridges are fantastic.
But I am asked by anemone to give some facts about myself :
1. What did I do 10 years ago:
Recovering after combined Heart and Kidney Transplantation. Creatinine increased this week in 1998 to ab. 270 due to body refusing my new Kidney. SoluMetrol made everything in order after a few weeks. Pacemaker justification by el chock after Flutter on the new heart, was also necessary.
2. Five items from my time-manager list today:
Blogging. To Ullevål Hospital for Eye check (medication side effect). Shopping groceries for the days to come including T´s Team-meeting tomorrow. Sketching my next painting. Making dinner (trout). Relaxing by gardening.
3. Snacks I love:
Lakrisbåter. Paprika chips. Gjende biscuit without chocolate. Crispo chocolate.
I believe wine or beer is not under the category of snacks
4. Bucket list if being a billionaire:
Being a billionaire would probably have changed me totally, so I rather will change the challenge to What would you do if you had Norwegian Kroner.
I would first give 100 mill to each of my daughters. Tullen would have 300 mill separately so she had the possibility to choose her future with no economical problems, and the rest 500.000.000 nok I/we would have spent on art, traveling and just doing some of the things that we today have no chance to dream about.
One billion is a lot of money to spend.
5. Places I have lived:
The question is not places I have visited so:
Ålesund, Troms, Oslo (Lamberseter, Tåsen, Ulsrud, Sinsen, Ammerud, Ullern, Frogner and 31 summers at Solvang Kollonihaver) plus Singapore.
6. Somebody I want to know more about:
Everybody in the web that feel they can contribute to this challenge with interesting facts about themselves even if they face the threat of sharing secrets


Petunia said...

Jeg tror du har misforstått litt;)
Bulle (nicknavn) er min yngste sønn som veier sånn ca 30 kilo. Det er det min mann snart har slanket bort alså...ikke en "mong" men en "Bulle".
Todd er katten og er den som nå skal slankes og han veier vel ca 8 - 9 kilo og bør veier rundt 5- 6 kilo (hvis jeg er veldig snill)
Ellers har jeg fått deg opp på listen av Safariinnlegg etter påtrykk fra Anemone. Jeg har dessverre ikke sett det. Jeg kommer tilbake litt senere i dag og leser det. Nå må jeg jobbe...

RuneE said...

Den broen var ikke dum...

Ida said...

Fine bilder av flott natur.
Og den kan vi ikke kjempe mot.

Jerez said...

If I were a billionaire, I'd be running into you on some of these wonderful places you visit, and I'd have your pink house on my walls!
Right next to Wiinblad!