Saturday, June 14

Saturday Urban LIfe - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Skyline taken from Victoria Peak january 1996 towards Kowloon and the main land. At that time Hong Kong was our bridge-head to mainland China and Shenzhen / Guandong
Our Chinese employees had at that time problems to get visa to Hong Kong and even travel in China, but through special arrangements we managed to have meetings with them in Shenzhen.
However back to Hong Kong. In Kowloon we visited the "Bird Market.And on the other side of Hong Kong island we visited Stanley Market, one of the must-go places for tourists when they visit Hong Kong. You will find an interesting array of little shops selling silk garments, sportswear, art, Chinese costume jewelry and souvenirs.
The market has changed in twelve years, but will still give you interesting bargaining possibilities.
Going to Hong Kong from Singapore was easy (only three hours flight), but quite surprising when my secretary SUSIE suddenly pop up at the market and of course joined in for lunch. She was on a visit to her sister living in Hong Kong, like Mette that had moved from Singapore in 96.
In Oslo today the clouds are grey with rain and ab 13 C, while the weather in Hong Kong has doubled the grades and raining.


RuneE said...

Typisk travelt - og mye å se på, ta på - og kjøpe...

Men har de måser?

Anemone said...

Å Arne...., håper nå du skjønte at den linken om organdonasjon var en liten humoristis spøk da.
Selv om en kanskje ikke spøker med slikt. Vi helsepersonell er ikke som andre på det området vet du :-)
Og i Norge hadde slikt aldri forekommet, helt klart.

Hilsen en vekslende varm og kald og småsjelvende sykepleier på rekreasjon !!

Jerez said...

You do get around! I want your job! :)

MYSTIQUE said...

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