Saturday, July 4

Baked Baccalao Noruega a la Anne Kath.

A week ago we celebrated Anne Katharina´s 60 years birthday. The dinner was Baked Baccalao Noruega. The recipe was simple and we copied the process last night.
Klippfisk, 2 yellow onions, (garlic), bacon, white pepper, low fat cream, mashed potatoes and cheese. First soften the onion-rings yellow, then fry bacon in pieces and fry carefully the thoroughly watered and boneless Klippfisk (The Norwegian word klippfisk comes from fisk (fish) + klipp (cliff or rock by the waterside), where it was dried.) Put the food into a refractory together with low fat cream.
Add Mashed Potatoes and cheese on the top.
Bake (gratinate) the dish in the middle of the oven for half an hour at 200 C. and serve with red or white wine (Santa Digna 2008, Sauvignon Blanche from Chile).
Enjoy your meal, as we did once more thanks to Anne Kath.

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9na said...

Nam nam det ser supert ut! Og herlig med litt annet enn grillmat i sommervarmen.. Nå har den gått for øvrig, sommervarmen mener jeg...