Sunday, July 26

Perennials or weeds

In my garden different plants occur to different times of the season. Some are coming up as tubers through the late spring snow like rhubarb and others are showing their flowers too late for the insects to get help in their reproduction process.

Still they are returning every year. We call them Weeds or are these plants Perennials.

The difference may be in the spreading. Weeds seam to move around in the garden making problems for all the other plants, while Perennials stay more or less at the same place every year.
During the blossom time most of these plants are beautiful like this one. For me no name, but an object worth a post in the Today´s Flower meme.


rups said...

gardening is a nice hoby.. here.. this paicture has a meaning.. about his garden.

Anne said...

Gul..., en god farge det kjenner jeg.
Flotte er de virkelig, og enkle planter disse staudne ja.

Regn og regn og skodde og litt kaldt i Trøndelagen :-(( kjempekjedelig!!

RuneE said...

"Ugress" er ofte noe av det peneste - som løvetannen. Eller disse.

Sink said...

Weeds or's simply a matter of perspective.

Arija said...

A weed is only a plant out of place. If you like it, it can have pride of place in your garden. When people liik askance at my flowering grass in the garden I cut in first to say 'aren't the flowering grasses beautiful?'
To me Evening Primrose is is beautiful.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Let's call these beauties "perennials." I wish I had some of your rhubarb! It's one of my favorites, especially when baked into a nice pie or made into a sauce for ice cream! Yum!