Thursday, July 2

Sky Watching with friends

Some times ago I and hundreds others, planned for Sky Watching photos every week on Fridays. The idea behind the meme was excellent. Rise your eyes against the sky and see what you can find up / out there. But after a while I found the photos boring, and especially the comments showed that most important was to be registered through Mr. Linky and hoping for visitors. Going through more than 300 other blogs became difficult, and I dropped out / became banned.
However, I still direct my camera against the beauty with the sky as background, and last weekend these photos were shot close to the sea and the sky.
Together with good friends we shared the beauty of the North Sea coastal light, like Harald and Solveig plus Astrid to the right.
Kirsti and Erik eating prawns and drinking white wine.
and Anton and Grethe a day before they moved to southern Spain and their second home.
The Midnight light as seen from the Jacuzzi gives you an indication of the extraordinary "no-Wind" situation close to the sea, with the setting sun far out to the west only meters from the horizon.
That is Sky Watching and peace.

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