Tuesday, July 14

A Trillion Dollars ???

Sometimes you hear or read a word or a number that you have only an artificial relation to. For example the statement "For a few dollars more". What then if you hear: "A Trillion Dollars".
In Methodshop.com you can find out more of how one TRILLION dollars look like.
Go to the site and follow the volume of notes from one $ 100 to $1 000 000 000 000 However, If you have another currency (i.e. European), this US trillion dollar notes may be called a Billion (bi meaning two) and has twice as many zeros as a million (1 000 000) A trillion (tri meaning three) has three times as many zeros as a million.

This volume represent the budget deficit of USA, and I am glad my budgets have not reached these volumes although an increase in capital (by winning the Lotto?) would be fully acceptable.

Billions or Trillions and currency equivalents have also caused problems for the Norwegian TV2. There you can see that one (Norwegian) Billion Dollar has ended in a Headline saying 65 000 000 000 000 NOK, but as a comment say: You have never needed Math to be a journalist.


Anne said...

Nei takk, hadde bare blitt prakk!!

Se oljefondet f.eks....

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