Wednesday, July 29

Post of the Day, second time

Thanks, David, for your nomination of my Tuesday post about my World / girls / family. I am reading the post of your chosen winner and visiting the top contenders every day too.
Being on your list is an honor, and striving for the podium is a challenge. I know that many Norwegian blogs are good enough for nomination, but first they have to change their use of text language to English.
The blogging world is Global, and although English is only used by 4.68% (Mandarin 13,22%) of the world population, global text should be English.

David Mcmahon is a Melbourne-based journalist and internationally-published photographer. His first novel, Vegemite Vindaloo, was published in April 2006 by Penguin Books India and was on the bestseller lists from July to December.
David was born and educated in India, where he finished high school at St Joseph's College, North Point, Darjeeling and University at St Xavier's College, Calcutta.
He has lived in Australia for 20 years. Welcome to Dave's Outback Cafe, where the menu is different every day!
Visit his Blog Authorblog and become one of his daily visitors - as I am, and get easy access to some of the most interesting blogs world wide.

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Anne said...

Heldie du :-) denne kjekke mannens oppmerksomhet :-))