Monday, July 6

OBS! - The future is here

The heat is over for this time (but hopefully not the summer). The temperature has gone from 28C to 14C over the night. It is raining. It it time to reawaken our mind and think of something more challenging than UVa, UVb and SPF from 20 and above. The future is coming and you have to be prepared.

The Norwegian Ministry of Local Government established in August 2008 a project where the objective is to implement trials with electronic voting at municipal elections in 2011 in selected municipalities. The project will deliver a fully functional e-voting system.
To this end, the project will:
Specify the technological platform
Decide upon e-voting pilots for the 2011 local elections. The possible scope for pilots
includes geography, voter groups and voting in a controlled or uncontrolled environment.
Procure an e-voting system
Secure acceptance of e-voting amongst both policy makers and the general population
Pave the way for, and assist in the organizational adoption of the e-voting system by the selected pilot authorities.
Procure partnerships for the running and maintenance of the e-voting system
Plan for the eventual full scale adoption of e-voting in Norway

Prepare yourself for the future by reading more about The E-vote 2011-project and do not experience that you within 30 months are hit by something you do not understand.

If you think we are premature by preparing for changes in the future, see what the British Prime Minister says about future challenges:
The digital revolution is changing all our lives beyond recognition. How must Britain change with it.
Gordon Browns article in TimesOnLine is called The internet is as vital as water and gas

Next week you are welcome to return to your sun-bed and tanning.


RuneE said...

Jeg håper at du var hverken sjåfør eller fotgjenger...

david mcmahon said...

That's a fir point, about the internet being as vital as other amenities. And I hope Anne Kath had a wonderful birthday.