Sunday, July 12

Contrasts at Solvang

According to the meteorologist´s forecasts for Oslo we can expect a great fluctuation and uncertainty regarding the day to day, hour to hour weather situation this July. The weather(wo)men seams to have done well with their analysis, and the changing sky makes everything extraordinary during a couple of hours. From a sunny morning the sky went from grey to dark blue, and over the eastern sky we could see a complete shape of the earth through the rainbow spectrum
Soon thereafter raindrops fell on my bold head and the parasol became spotted.
Without a warning volumes of water poured down from an open sky. Do not ask if we became wet before we could hide under the balcony roof.
But it is summer, July and great variations in weather conditions. Rain stopped, clouds moved away, the sun reappeared and we could once more spend a few hours licking sun before the clouds again made us move inside.
Now it is only to hope the weather forecast for Sunday will be more precise.


Anne said...

Hei Arne.
Heksa er hjem fra ferie som du skjønner og har nok ikke alltid hatt nett tilgang nei, og mobilblogging blir nå litt for innviklet for denne dama kan du skjønne.

Varierende skydekke og vær på dine kanter å ja ser jeg..., og for mn del har jeg nok bare vært ett par dager i bikini. Håper nå sola kliner skikkelig til den siste ferieuka!!

Kos deg videre både til land og til vanns. Klem fra Anne

Deborha Godin said...

Love this post, the photos of rain are terrific!