Sunday, August 2

Ålesund in Paintings

As mentioned a week ago I prepared six canvas for a particular project. I am not too good in landscape painting, so my "Project" is to work out paintings from the nature at Sunnmøre and Ålesund. The two first paintings can be presented tonight.The first is called "Kuling på Aspevågen" (Fresh breeze at the Bay of Aspa)
The second is called "Sunnmørsalper" (Alps of Sunnmøre)

More will come later this week, I hope.
If you want to see most of my paintings go to My Gallery


Denise said...

I truly admire people with talent such as yours. Your paintings are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice!

RuneE said...

Arne's pink, no blue, period. Very nice.

PS Regarding the moose - the photo was taken at Haukeligrend, which is in Telemark and therefore technically Eastern Norway - or "Østlandet". The only moose we have are visitors from the Eastern parts of Norway.

Wolynski said...

You not only photograph, you paint - absolutely lovely.

Anne said...

Jøss Arne som du produserer!! likte fargene veldig i det første der!!

Ålesund, en plass du har i hjertet det, ikke vanskelig å se. Rart du ikke lengter deg grønn etter sjøen??

...og jeg engelsk???? :-)) hutte tu, og du vet jo selv at jeg ikke engang kan å bøye "to be"..., hadde sikkert brukt en halv dag på et innlegg jeg da, puh... og disse overseterne, jo da, en kan få seg mang en god latter ut av dem!!

klem fra Anne

9na said...

Enig med dem over her; Very nice, indeed... Jeg likte særlig det der kulingbildet, fargene var flotte. Når skal du ha utstilling?

Cheffie-Mom said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Thank you for the comment you left on my blog! enJOY your day!

Anonymous said...

Arne, hi! I came over to thank you for the lovely things you said about my last post, both on the blog and at David's. Praise indeed.

I very much like the honesty in your work, as someone who paints with a passion to 'get' what I see and end up with an amateur's efforts I can admire and envy your clarity and vision.

Babooshka said...

I am the photographer my partner is the artist. To be more than capable of creating such gorgeous pieces in both genres is a rare talent.