Saturday, August 8

Tullarbo occupied again

Our small cottage of ab. 33 sqm has been occupied by the Cymraeg family here represented by Helene during the BBQ last night.
We have moved down town to our 6 times larger apartment and found out that the cottage is great (not big) but home is best whatsoever.

Moving to the summer residence in Spring and returning home when Autumn nights are colder and darker, is an activity we have performed the last 33 summers with the exception of our stay in Asia Pacific. The cottage activities have been a fundamental change to the way of living for the whole family during these years compared to the urban lifestyle down town. Although it takes only 17 minutes to move from top to bottom with a bike or a car, clothing, routines, hygienic conditions and thinking is different. The lazy lifestyle at the cottage, holiday, casual clothing (if any), BBQ and direct contact with nature, is replaced with traffic noise, boutiques, cultural venues and restaurant visits. We love both.

Helene´s drawing of ????? may symbolize her version of where to stay, and below you may find my version of the same ????? (although I called the painting "Dirty snow") Rikke, Tor-Marius and Maja have stayed several times at the cottage when we have been away. Now it is Trine, David, Helene and Henrik that occupies Tullarbo.
Everything have to be done differently when you live so close to each other, there are little or no room for individual requirements, but I believe that doing so (intimate and dependent) has shaped me and us as a family to those persons we are today.
Have a nice stay.


Anne said...


Og den jenta tar pusten fra meg gang etter gang!! Gi henne en real trønderklem Arne.

Cheffie-Mom said...

Helen is precious! And what a little artist!

Leena said...

I came to your blog from Sue`s ( Photowannabe ) blog and I am happy to find you!
Reading your words about cottage life made me smile.
We came just yesterday evening from our summer cottage, which is located in the middle of forests on the shore of a lake of course. And grandchildren have been a part of cottage life during the summer.
I wish you and your family all the best
greetings Leena