Thursday, August 6

Autumn is coming closer

End May this year we moved up to our cottage for the summer. Today we are mostly returning to the apartment down town and open the cottage for the Cymraeg family.

At the same time the autumn storms have started to visit Norway.

My last painting from this summer has come to an end, expressing how the autumn and winter may look like from Sævollen (Hessafjorden and Breisundet outside Ålesund). As you can see at the link, the weather can also be beautiful up there during the year, but as we say in Norway. "Bad weather does not exist, only bad clothes".

My 11 paintings from this year´s stay at Tullarbo can be recalled at My Gallery


Cheffie-Mom said...

WOW!! Love the colors!!

Elisabeth's bright side said...

Dramatiskt og vakkert. Olje eller acryl?
P.S.Håper virkelig ikke at sommeren er over alt.