Monday, August 31

the final swan song

I have some Apple Mac Computers.
My old iBook G3 from 2002 (presently only used as a DVD reader on my TV at the cottage), my Imac 1.8 GHz Power PC G5 (not in daily use), my MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 15" and (my wife´s) MacBook Pro 13" unibody.
Up till last week Mac OS X (Leopard) has been the operating system for all these units. Although we started on the oldest with 10.2 the Jaguar, then 10.4 Tiger before 10.5 Leopard, the compatibility downwards has always given us the same operating system to relate to.

On Friday I upgraded to the latest MAC OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on my Intel Machines (the Pros).In his article in in SlashGear Michael Galtenberg writes:
I’ve been testing Snow Leopard on a variety of machines over the last few weeks, and so far I’m impressed. Apple has evolved the OS in ways that change core infrastructure while preserving and refining the experience that has differentiated the platform over the years. The result is an elegant, modern OS with some new features that help it retain the status of best of breed in personal computing.

But he also states:
Snow Leopard is a full 64-bit OS and has the caveat that it works with Intel Macs only. This is the OS release that spells the final swan song for Power PC. Not a surprise and let’s face it, if you’re not on an Intel Mac, it’s time to move on.

The Swan song has also reference to Socrates and his last words before being put to death in 399 BC: "You think I cannot see as far ahead as a swan. You know that when swans feel the approach of death they sing, and they sing sweeter and louder on the last days of their lives because they are going back to that God whom they serve." (Plato)

I am not yet ready to let my "old" Macs go back to their god, and will try to find alternative use for the iMac. My 50GB space can be filled up with lots of music, films (from iTunes) and photos and play a slave role in my wireless computing home.
The end of my iMac with Leopard is not yet written, but we are moving on.


9na said...

Jeg skjønner at du er en innbarket Mac'er... Jeg jobber sammen med et par Mac-frelste og da jeg kjøpte meg HP-pc rev de seg i håret... Til mitt forsvar vil jeg si at jeg har pc-frelst (les: anti-Mac'er på sin hals) sønn og det er bra med service på hjemmebane når ting skjærer seg (Mac'erne på jobben sier at det ikke er argument fordi Mac'ene aldri har problemer...). Men dessuten har jeg jo lille Eee-en min da, med Linux på...

Siw Aina said...

Som 9na er jeg en "elsker PC jente"... Men har vel etterhvert skjønt at jeg bør vurdere mac, de sies å være meget bedre når det kommer til bildebehandling, og det er jo det jeg liker best å drive med på pc`n. Mmmm, valgets kval ;)

Anne said...

Av en eller annen grunn syntes jeg nå du minte meg litt om Ivar Dyrhaug i Beat for Beat...