Monday, August 24

Waiting for the reds and yellows

I have many times earlier posted some of the photos my friend Asbjørn sends to me after his sunday tracking in the mountains close to his home.
Today´s photo is taken to the south east off Rikshemdalen in Sykkylven District
The beauty is there and still we wait for the color to explode.

Walking in the mountains are a typical summer /early autumns activity in Norway. My sister who always have a week of her summer vacations in the mountain has extended her tracking to areas in other parts of the world with her latest summit Machu Piccu last Easter.

I will come back to our next tour to the mountains this year within three weeks if the weather conditions give us access outside the living facilities at Norefjell. For now you will find some of our tracking examples HERE

However if you want to learn more of the area "Sunnmør-alps" it is a start to click on and look at the map showing where the first photo of this post is taken.


Anne said...

Venter på høstfargene jeg også, det er så vakkert at jeg blir rørt faktisk. Utrolig flotte bilder!!

RuneE said...

Ta med deg paletten din og et lerret og gi oss et skikkelig bilde slik bare du kan.

Protege said...

Beautiful pictures! Even though the shot of Machu Pichi is stunning, what a grand photo of the Norwegian mountains.;)

I love the sentenced in your header and I share the sentiment completely!

Thank you so dearly for the lovely comment you left at my place and for your compliments and kind words at Dave's authorblog. It means the world to me.:))