Saturday, August 15

Camera Critters, Today Flowers and Oslo Jazz Festival

Urban Saturday Life in Oslo gives a variety of experiences. First of all I can get motives for the Camera Critter meme.These animals may not be called Critters if we follow the dictionary for living creature, but The Elephant and the Arabian camel (Dromedary), guarding the entrance or the Mela Festival at the City Hall Square in Oslo, are for me an intriguing example of how our "new countrymen´s" creativity shows their own culture (south east Asian) to us.
Check out the rules at Camera Critters or go to Misty Dawn.

However, another meme worth following during the weekend, are the Today's Flowers.
The flower beds at "the King´s Terrace" will represent me in this meme this weekend.
Urban life in Oslo give free access to another high promoted happening in Oslo these days, is the Oslo Jazz Festival. The Saturday Parade will take place at 1 pm together with Kampen Janitsjar.
This photo from the restaurant Sara close to the Parliament shows Old Sandvika Big Band in action. The band is a complete and hard swinging big band mainly made up of former members of the well-known Norwegian big band Sandvika Storband. The band was re-established in 1999 and has been active ever since.
Either here at Sara or later in Hanibal´s Hybel at Aker Brygge my wife can relax with a glass of white wine, and be happy in the sunshine. The summer has not yet left us or the indian summer is here to stay.


9na said...

Herlig! I dag har vi nok en gang spist sjøkreps med gode venner ...!

J Bar said...

Cool critters.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

i beati said...

purple camels Go Arne

Mara said...

I love the critters! A great take.

Anne said...

En ser med ett hvor man egentlig skulle vært denne helga :-) selv har jeg hatt noen timer i Bergen. Stønn!!! regn regn regn regn regn fy flate som det regnet, ødela et par sko og hårfrisyren så klart ;-)