Saturday, August 22

The Door to Assume vivid / astro focus

On Thursday David in Australia presented an open mouth as his contribution to his "The door" meme.
I Promise To Tell The Tooth, The Whole Tooth - And Nuthin' But The Tooth
was his heading for the post. Today I copy his promise.
An exhibition at the National Gallery here in Oslo called Assume vivid or Astro focus, is open at "Tullinsløkka" until September 13th. I think the door to the installations inside, with the teeth where the children played is almost identical to David´s truth.
Inside I cannot copy almost anything because the process of entering and being there must be the artist´s intention. However a few photo shots are presented.
Do not hesitate to make your own decision of what you see.
T became dizzy and I left without any real need to return.
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Anne said...

HÆ!!!??? nesten lit vulgært det første bilde der..., eller er det jeg som er en sabla stor koffert tenker???

Anne said...

Fikk litt sånn Salvador Dali følelse av disse bildene...

Dagrun said...

*leravAnne* Og jeg har også en dørpost i dag... det må være dagen for dører.

Randi's Tanker said...

Reagerte som Anne da jeg så samme motiv som første bilde for noen dager siden i bloggen "Oslo - gjennom mine øyne." Vulgært! Dette er jo et lekested for barn.

david mcmahon said...

That's an amazing door, Arne - I've never seen anything like it!