Wednesday, September 30

Congratulation Asbjørn, 65 years young

I had to start today´s blog by showing an almost 45 years old photo of me and my friend Asbjørn.
Time has run and today he (still some years young) can celebrate his 65 years birthday. CONGRATULATION!!
I will pay tribute to his day by presenting some nice photos of the man in some of his favorite environments.First a photo taken on his 30th birthday in front of his homemade beer barrel and good old but still friends (Helge, Per Helge and Harald)
The passion for fishing and satisfaction when getting one of many great Norwegian Cods, is one of Asbjørn´s favorite activities.
Climbing the mountains at Sunnmøre or further up north in Norway, gives him the freedom and exercice needed for a healthy life. The second photo is taken when he and "Gutta på tur" reached the summit of Slogen (1564m)When Asbjørn wanted a full time job in addition to all other business activity, he bought an old farm at the seashore of the North Atlantic Ocean and rebuilt the area to it´s present beautiful image.
Being there and having fun together, experience friendship and sunny summer nights gives me a lot.
With lovely ladies in the Jacuzzi around midnight he seems to have a great time himself.

Last time we were together was only a few weeks ago in his son´s apartment at Quality Spa and Resort, Bøseter Norefjell.Take good care of your husbond Anne Katharina, and celebrate his birthday on behalf of us all. Hope to see you again very soon.

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Anne said...

Tiden går, men Gutta består!! juhu!!!