Sunday, September 13

Oslo City Hall and it´s flowers

My Today´s flowers can be found at the City Hall here in Oslo, Norway. The flower beds are changing together with the seasons, and now the Autumn colors are flourishing on the lawns and along the first floor of this spectacular building.The Oslo City Hall houses the City Council, City administration, and art studios and galleries. The construction started in 1931, but was paused by the outbreak of World War II, before the official inauguration in 1950. Its characteristic architecture, artworks, and the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony makes it one of Oslo's most famous buildings. It was designed by Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson. The roof of the eastern tower has a 49-bell carillon which plays every hour.

Oslo City Hall is situated in Pipervika in central downtown Oslo. The area was completely renovated and rebuilt to make room for the new City Hall, back in the late 1920's.
In June 2005 it was named Oslo's "structure of the century", with 30.4% of the votes.

Nobel prize for peace is given to the winner on 10th of December each year in Oslo city hall.When the flower season at my cottage or in the mountains has come to an end, there is always time to watch the beauty when strolling the city. The cold and snow will hopefully be delayed this year

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