Monday, September 28

The never ending story?

In the News we hear about the flooding in Manilla, Philippines, with more than 100 persons dead or missing. More heavy weather is coming in the days ahead. According to Taiwan News :
"Tropical Storm Ketsana is expected to intensify into a typhoon as it moves westward through the South China Sea on Tuesday. Ketsana will produce widespread heavy rain and thunderstorms as it treks toward Vietnam. The storm is expected to make landfall near Hue around late Tuesday evening."

At my cottage the temperature still reaches + 14C near end of September, and my garden are continuously showing new beautiful roses.
I must confess that I am very satisfied with the climate conditions just now here in Oslo, but I do see that there is a change going on and it is increasing all over the world.

The need for modern GPS may seam superfluously (?), but I am happy that Compass and TomTom street finder now is a part of my iPhone. Should I be embarrassed? It will help me finding routes to restaurants, but that is of course of no help to those fighting for life in the water volumes in Asia.

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Anne said...

Skrytpave, mens jeg sitter her med sår hals etter den turen i går...