Thursday, September 3

A rainy day in Oslo

The rain was pouring down during our trip to Aker Brygge yesterday. The baldaquins was filled up with tons of water, and the pub management was more busy emptying the open heaven created reservoirs than filling beer in pint pots.
At the quay a frozen bird (Help Rune: no Gull, but????) looked into the black sea for some no-existing food.
and the off season tourists left the city in comfortable cabins and luxurious ballrooms bound for more weather-friendly destinations.

September is here with all the climat variations and surprises that month can deliver.


Hyde DP said...

Great pictures that capture the rain in Oslo - come to think of it Oslo was where we got all the rain on our Baltic cruise - right now we've got it pouring down relentlessy here.

Anne said...

Litt regn og det klages av dem som bor sør for Dovre!! Typisk

Anne said...

He he, og en ser den kurene måsen!!! send den til Sotra, der får den en varm velkomst ja!!

RuneE said...

Rain, benches and even a sailing vessel - this post must be made for me! :-)

I'm far from sure, but I think it is a Kittwake (Krykkje) - which is a gull.

Arya said...

Godt å se at det kan regne i Oslo også! Flotte bilder, by the way!