Saturday, September 19

Tørrgadd ??????? Is it Norwegian

"Tørrgadd" is a phenomenon and a word that gives positive associations for many. Anne in her photo blog has erotic associations with ants to the word, while Helge´s relations the word are to others articulation about his mood (state of mind), but maybe he is thinking of "Tværgaddj".
Tørrgadd in the botanical sense, is a tree, usually pine without top, which is dry at the root like the photo above.

Another strange word is "Rirkul". Rirkul of pine has been a prized wood for carving. Many decorative, rustic drinking cups, plates and tray of fruit are found on cabins and living rooms as genuine expressions of a rural mountain culture. Rirkul is a gift from "Tørrgadden".
At the riverbank of the Aker River in Oslo a Tørrgadd is used by children for climbing.
With a combination of Google, other bloggers postings and my camera I hope you through this post have extended your knowledge of some strange "Norwegian" words. Have a nice weekend.

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