Wednesday, September 16

Images from a Riverside walk

Walking the "Aker River" is a tour I will highly recommend for everyone visiting the Norwegian Capital whatsoever annual season.

"Akerselven" starts at Lake Maridal in "Oslomarka", and follows the urban areas Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka, Oslo Centre and Grønland, whereby it finally ends at Paulsenkaien and the new Opera House in Bjørvika. The entire river is about 8.2 kilometres long, and has a difference in altitude of approximately 149 meters.
Akerselven is one of Oslo’s green lungs. Many parks and nature trails are to be found by its path, from Grønland to Maridalsvannet. A walk from along Akerselven from the rural Frysja down through the different parts of Oslo to the fjord is an amazing experience and a light walk through the history of Oslo.
We started our tour close to the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology, at "Stilla" where the water reflections gave full credit to the lake´s name "Silent"
Only a few hundreds meter further down, the river rapid gave signals of what to come. At Nydalens Compagnie´s Business park the Falls run close to the old red brick houses which are renovated and filled with modern design and technology companies.
A fantastic area for outdoor lunches and recreation for people working there, and lots of photographic motives to be found.
Further down, the new "Nydalen City" with 18.000 inhabitants, has all the modern facilities like apartments, hotels, offices, cafes, markets,recreation space and close contact to the running water.
Old and renovated houses are well placed between modern architecture.
When walking down the river we pass a lot of bridges. Almost 25 bridges from the lake to the fjord, and most of them have a good walking path close to the riverbank.
This is Treschows Bridge named after Gerhard Trechow the owner of Bjølsen Mansion and a very important investor for the industrial development at Akerselva early 1700.
One of the famous areas around the river are Sagene and Hjula Veveri. The weaving mill was completed in 1855 with 400 looms. At the beginning, there were about 400 workers at the factory.
At Beyer Bridge we can see a statue giving tribute to the Factory Girls working in these hash industries. The bridge that lies here today was built about 1837. It was public bridge in 1864. The bridge was an important link between east and west until Vøienbrua opened in 1949/50. In 1976, the bridge burned down, but it was restored to its 1837 appearance in 1985. Today it is a footbridge across the Aker River.
On the eastern side we find a Cafe and Art Gallery named Hønse-Lovisa´s House (after Oskar Bråthen´s writings) or previously Monsesaga. A lovely place to take a break and refreshments before starting the steep downhill path alongside Nedre Vøyen Fall or Møllefossen.
Møllefossen is a beauty when the water level is large, or during winter when ice and snow cover most of the fall like a sculpture.
The beautiful Sanner Bridge built in Iron and Granite is one of the main connections between Grunerløkka and Alexander Kielland´s Place well known through the singerLillebjørn Linsen.
After crossing the river over Åmodt Bridge with the inscription:
we ended our yesterday river stroll at Grunerparken, took to the right and west, and walked up TelthusbakenDuring the 1500s, the street which is now Telthusbakken was part of the main road passing the Old Aker Church, from east to west of Oslo and further across to the west coast. Sitting on top of the Telthusbakken hill, Old Aker Church was built around 1080 and is the oldest building still in use in Oslo. The name Telthusbakken is from a large canvas house that existed around 1700.Old Aker Church was built as a three-naved Roman-style basilica and constructed from limestone. The church has a baroque pulpit and baptismal font from 1715. The tower is built in 1861. It is believed to have been erected by king Olav Kyrre in 1080 as a church for all of Vingulmark.
The church was built over an old silver mine, Akersberg, which was in use since the early Viking age. The mines are mentioned in the 1170 Historia Norvegiae.

Close to the old church we find the Our Savior´s Cemetery, known primarily for Æreslunden, Norway's main honorary burial ground. Many famous people are buried here including the first Norwegian Prime Minister Johan Sverdrup.
Visiting the memorial of the founder of the Social liberal Party in 1884, the day after the catastrophic election result of today party: "Venstre", was not planned for, but I felt like watching the second death of a great statesman.

From Æreslunden we only had the last part of the tour through the new apartment buildings at the old "Rikshospitalet" in Pilestredet, passing the Royal Palace and Garden and home.
A lovely tour of my highest recommendation, and all my photos from Akerselva on Tuesday, 16 oct. can be found HERE.


Anne said...

Der kunne jeg med glede ha vandret ja!! utrolig flott sikkert på en solrik dag.

Elers gleder det mg stort å se fruen i lave fornuftige sko denne torsdagen i oktober .-))) Hils

Truls said...

God tur i byen.
Fargene er så flotte på denne tiden. Er det den kalde natten som gjør at de viser seg som best de kan hør de tar vinteren?

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