Sunday, January 17

How is it possible. Reorganization or Bureaucracy building?

NRK.NO presented earlier this week the administrative process towards getting accept as disability pensioner in the Norwegian Welfare (NAV System), and get money to pay your bills if you not are able to continue as an employee.

1. First you have to be classified as disable to continue working by your private doctor, and stay on sick leave for 12 months. During that period or after, rehabilitation in cooperation with your employer, may be tried. Then it is up to you to deliver to your local NAV office your claim for disability pension by filling in the correct forms as soon as possible together with your doctor and your employer. (Do not wait to contact NAV until the 12 (+12) months have gone). Make copy of your forms and make your own notes with dates and activities. Do not trust NAV to take care of your data and forms. Do not expect anybody to know you and your case. The IT-system rules.

2. NAV-Local office (first line) collects the necessary documentation (medical statements, etc.) and makes a preliminary assessment of the formal requirements. NAV-Local may send you to another doctor for a second opinion that will overrule your own doctors evaluation. NAV-Local makes a "Conditional Assessment 1" which concludes that you do not have the residual capacity for work. Considered this term, you may be proposed for an ordinary disability pension. The case is then sent to the "NAV-Forvaltning" office (second line) in own county.

3. NAV-Forvaltning makes a "Condition Assessment 2". This means that they are considering NAV-Local´s assessment and if everything is according to rules and regulations, makes the final decision. Your case is then transferred to the NAV-Pension Unit that can be in a county completely different to where you live. (Your local NAV-office may be in Bergen, but your case can be managed by units in Ålesund, Porsgrunn, Oslo or Steinkjær)

4 NAV-Pension (professional actuarial unit) makes pension calculation. (how much you are entitled to be paid) and sends your case further to NAV-Harstad (pay-roll unit).

5. NAV-Harstad performs the monthly payment (if you are lucky)

I cannot be more happy when thinking back to the time when I became disabled.
ONE PERSON at my local office took care of me - talked to me in person -, made the assessments and decided that my condition with severe heart and kidney failure (waiting and hoping for transplantation) was enough to grant me the economical foundation to live on. He did not give me and my family additional problems and uncertainty regarding payment of bills.
Thanks Bertil S, sorry you left NAV.

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Anne said...

Nav??? det meste er vel sagt i grunn, og har HELDIGVIS ikke hatt så mye å gjøre med den instansen ennå.

...og service skal vel ikke være så person avhengig vel, en!!joda, hørt det før, deprimerende...