Monday, January 11

I am not ......

I am not the owner of this SUV. I am not reporting from southern Spain or any other costal areas. I am not trying to overcome RuneE in his presentation of Benches
or his Weekend reflections.

I am only giving you all and mostly the photo-bloggers an opportunity to visit some spectacular websites, and join me in the hope for speedy returning of warmth and Springtime.
See you soon for an outdoor beer Anton, and thanks for tipping me off these photos. I will not complain more about my local winter after your PowerPoint serie.


RuneE said...

Og jeg som trodde at det var Aker brygge som hadde frosset fast :-) Da får jeg finne et annet sted å gå neste gang jeg er i Oslo.

Det første bildet var rene iskunsten

Thank you for the plug!

Anne said...