Thursday, January 7


Just been watching the movie Impromptu at "TV2 Filmkanalen" about the novelist George Sand and the composer Frédéric Chopin. Painted (above) by their friend Eugene Delacroix

This movie brought memories back to our stay in Mallorca late April last year, including the visit to Valldemossa where Chopin and Sand and her two children spend the winter of 1838/39. It is cold in Mallorca too these days (about +5 to +10 C) but our experiences from Spain gives hope for the time to come.Here you see me resting in Chopin´s chair in his bedroom, and
here is Tullen in George Sand´s balcony-garden with the spectacular view over the valley.The fresh air was exactly what Sand wanted for Chopin´s bad health, but they ended up calling the winter turbulent and miserable. (Almost like January 2010 in Norway)

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Anne said...

Oj det så forlokkende ut med sol, varme og lite klær...