Thursday, January 28

Molja Ålesund

Molja lighthouse is a 150 year-old lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour and Brosundet (the narrow stretch of water forming the inlet connecting the two wider areas of water north and south of Ålesund). Today the lighthouse also is part of Hotel Breisundet, and is known as Rom #47.
The interior of the lighthouse is completely round, only 3 meters in diameter, but through effective use of the available spaces, Molja now boasts a bedroom upstairs and a bathroom downstairs.
The interior design was carried out by Snøhetta, Norway's most well known architects (designers of Oslo Opera House and Ground Zero museum in New York City among many other landmark projects.) They have carefully achieved a wonderfully distinctive blend of modern facilities with historic and rustic interior.
The buildings of wood close to and behind the lighthouse was built before the city-fire in 1904. I have tried to make two expressions of this area through these paintings.


9na said...

Du er flink til å male, Arne, og flink til å spre om deg med litt kunnskap også.. Takk.

Anne said...

Helt enig i Madamen over :-)

mrsnesbitt said...

The picture of you sitting on the bench could have been taken in many places yet it reminded me of our coast towns, with the exception of the modern building behind.